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Why sport centres need to maintain temperature control

Clients who regular visit a gym or leisure centre are probably expected to sweat a bit, whether it’s through an intense sport activity or even a trip to the sauna.

Pets as therapy: How animals can help improve our mental health

The UK’s a nation of animal lovers, right? Research has discovered that almost 50% of the British homes have a pet, with just over 1 in 4 owning a dog, and nearly 1 in 5 owning a cat.

Three reasons to leave the car at home and switch to cycling in 2020

2020 may be well underway already, but there’s no time like the present to start working towards positive change in your life.

How a simple piece of tech saves lives with no formal training

Utter the word 'technology' in a crowded room and you will quickly hear discussions of smartphones and artificial intelligence ensuing. Technology is a big part of modern-day life.

Reasons you should run a marathon

Reasons you should run a marathon

Clearly not everyone who ever ran a marathon did that with the sole intention of winning. So why are marathons so popular and why so many people decide to give them a shot?

Exercises for toned legs

Exercises for toned legs

There are so many reasons a person decided to start exercising. No matter whether those reasons include health benefits or they solely focus on the aesthetics – the fact is that exercising is never a bad choice.

Body positivity isn’t just for women

Over recent years, body positivity has become an important topic discussed in the media, as a form of female empowerment against the negative effects of social media.

Ending Menstrual Myths - Period!

Hands up if you’ve ever believed a period-associated myth. It’s likely that this applies to many women and debunking the myths of the menstrual cycle isn’t easy, regardless of how many periods you’ve experienced!

From fad diet to lifestyle choice: How has veganism become so popular?

Changing attitudes towards veganism have boosted its popularity in recent years. What was once dismissed as a fad, or an extreme choice of apparently giving up tasty food, is now a mainstream trend.

Get your New Year diet plan off to a good start

New Year, new me is one of the most used phrases every January. People all around the world will be saying those same words, and they truthfully and honestly mean them.

How your workplace can be mental-health friendly

For those suffering a mental illness or a period of poor mental health, attempting to go to work can be a great achievement. It can help to forge a beneficial pattern, stability, and sense of purpose and identity.

Why teeth whitening is better left to the professionals

Why teeth whitening is better left to the professionals

Over the past couple of decades, teeth whitening has become more and more popular. That Hollywood smile that people strive for no longer has limited accessibility, with many high street dentists and private surgeries offering teeth whitening as a treatment.

Famous athletes who made marijuana a lifestyle choice for themselves

Post its legalisation in many parts of the world, smoking marijuana has become a lifestyle choice for a great number of people, including many well-known sports stars.

The importance of a good work-life balance and how to improve it

Have you considered your work-life balance? It could be an aspect of your life that you should take a closer look at because almost a third of UK workers feel as though theirs is poor.

How you can improve your luck by changing your state of mind

How you can improve your luck by changing your state of mind

Some people seem to have all the luck, catching breaks wherever they turn. Luck is often seen as some kind of random force, but science shows that there are certain traits that lucky people share. Imitate them and you have the chance to change your luck for the better.