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Can plastic be environmentally friendly?

As landfills grow and global warming continues, it’s easy to point the finger when it comes to what is damaging the environment.

Understanding the laws and legislation of gardening

Gardening is a fun hobby for all, it encourages a feel-good vibe and allows for some relaxation time. However, some activities that you do could land you in hot water.

What people are saying about Lull

Honesty is always the best policy, or so the saying goes, and Lull has really taken this message to heart.

Promotions just as important to UK customers as product quality

When it comes to buying home and kitchen appliances, British consumers admit that the right reward is just as important to them as quality of product.

Giving your bedroom a botanical feel

Are you thinking of giving your bedroom a little bit of a refresh? Well, if so, why not consider giving it a botanical feel? Greenery, living plants and light, open spaces make the perfect combination in a bedroom, no matter it’s size.

How the garden has evolved over time

Gardens in Britain have been shrinking since the 1920s – and by looking at our own gardens, we probably wouldn’t notice it.

Tradesmen around the world: A closer look

The global construction industry is set to be valued at an estimated US$10.3 trillion by 2020, highlighting the importance of the work that tradesmen carry out across the globe.

DM Design win big at the Home Improvement Awards

DM Design win big at the Home Improvement Awards

DM Design took the award for Best Bedroom Company for the second time in two consecutive years at the Home Improvement Awards 2017.

How to start grafting

When you are struggling for space in your garden, grafting your plants and trees is a fantastic solution to your problem.

Bringing your dream garden indoors this summer

We have become known as ‘generation rent’ as houses prices rise and wages stay stagnant, meaning that owning a home and therefore a garden to potter around in is, for many, just a dream.

Making the most of your garden: even in a small space

For many of us, it feels as though our garden could always be bigger, and we don’t have enough space to truly make the most of our gardens.

Improve your work flow: Home office tips to reduce stress

Improve your work flow: Home office tips to reduce stress

With the advent of the internet and decentralization, more and more of us are working at home: 1.5 million full time, 4.2 million part time to provide raw numbers.

The versatility of the cherry picker: Aiding artistic design and sport

The cherry picker isn’t exactly known for being used during exciting situations. Usually, they’re used as a machine that can help maintain buildings at a height, fix telephone and electricity poles, aid construction workers, and aid workers who are trying to pick fruit.

How to get bedding plants right

Finding the right bedding plants for your garden can often be difficult, so why not let us help you? Why not try some bedding plants to spring your garden back into life?

Bed-in-a-box Review: A new way to stress-free mattress shopping

Bed-in-a-box Review: A new way to stress-free mattress shopping

How about a more affordable and easier solution to the quite inconvenient mattress shopping experience? This is what you get when you choose the latest in bed-packaging when shopping for a new bed.