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Android Pay is now available for Lloyds Bank, Halifax and Bank of Scotland customers

From today, Lloyds Bank, Halifax and Bank of Scotland customers will be able to download and start using Android Pay.

Digital banking boosts balances for young savers

According to the latest online research from Halifax, young adults say digital banking is helping them to boost their savings balances.

Is it time to remit the high fees of remittance transfers?

Is it time to remit the high fees of remittance transfers?

It’s no secret that the European and Global market is generally slowing, and has been for some time. If the UK were to leave the EU, a knock-on effect is almost inevitable and several markets in the UK would be hindered. However, though the European market is abating, the remittance industry is evolving.

5 things every entrepreneur should know from the beginning

5 things every entrepreneur should know from the beginning

It's common to think that someone is either born to be an entrepreneur or not, and that any advice that could possibly be given would therefore simply be common sense to any capable businessperson.

Play your cards right when going abroad Money is warning holidaymakers to check their plastic and not get caught out with foreign usage fees when going abroad this Easter.

How to boost morale and employee efficiency

Starting up a business, making it grow, appointing the right people and keeping them happy… it’s a never ending to do list!

How to plan your recruitment strategy based on your businesses industry

Which industry you specialise in will affect your recruitment strategy but there is one productive way to recruit new employees and that is to use a recruitment agency that specialises in your sector.

Lloyds Banking Group helps 100,000 new start-ups

Over 103,000 new start-ups have been supported through Lloyds Banking Group’s ongoing commitment to help UK enterprises.

How to become a better leader

What makes a good leader? Is it someone who demonstrates enthusiasm, confidence and insightfulness? Undoubtedly, and we also appreciate leaders who are steadfast, assertive and amenable to our suggestions.

Households underestimate annual bills by £39 billion

As many British households feel the squeeze ahead of the January pay day and look to review their finances for the year ahead, new research from Santander Current Accounts reveals bill payers underestimated their main expenses – council tax, utilities and TV, phone and broadband - by an average of £1,459 last year.

Clever ways to increase business using an event

Meeting people in person is still an effective way to build relationships and find new customers. Even in the digital age, your prospects may prefer to meet you in person before they buy.

Last three weeks to enter Halifax Switchers Prize Draw

Until 31 January 2016, eligible customers who use the Current Account Switching Service (CASS) to switch their account to Halifax will be entered into a draw to win up to £50,000.

Santander 123 account customers should consider their options after 150% increase to annual fee

From today (11th January), charges on the popular Santander 123 current account will more than double from £24 to £60 per year, affecting more than three million customers.

A guide to creating a killer business presentation

Do your business presentations leave the audience clamouring for more, or do they send them half to sleep? Whether you’re plying your wares or trying to boost business, the prospect of standing in front of an audience of your peers can be a daunting prospect.

The HR guide to recruitment

In order to select the very best job applicants and not waste thousands of pounds on your recruitment process it’s always useful to take on board advice from HR professionals.