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Current Accounts

Santander Student Smart Card

Santander has launched a new Student Smart Card which combines a University student ID card with a Visa Debit card.

Do the bank shuffle

The guaranteed bank switching service goes live next week when 46 million current account holders in the UK will be able to switch banks or building societies within 7 working days, and the banks are already gearing up to entice new customers through their doors.

M&S Bank reduces monthly fee ahead of current account switch service

M&S Bank has announced a reduction in the monthly fee of its Premium Current Accounts, ahead of the launch of the Current Account Switch Service on Monday 16th September.

Interest in current accounts heightens ahead of switching deadline

Consumers have already started to respond to the advertising blitz from current account providers, ahead of next week's launch of the new switching service, according to data from

'Free in-credit' banking model failing millions of customers

With the new Current Account Switch service soon to launch, research by thinkmoney reveals how the 'free in-credit' bank account model is failing millions of customers.

New report uncovers why we make little effort to switch household bills

With the new current account switching scheme about to launch on the 16th September, a report out from, finds that the majority of consumers are aware that they can switch their household service providers, but 42% still make little or no effort to do so.

Bank account switching service set to launch

Bank reforms make progress as new Current Account Switch Service gets ready to launch.

Current account switching incentives - are they worth it?

The new Current Account Switching Service goes live on 16 September and a number of banks are offering one-off cash incentives in a bid to attract new customers.

Halifax customers get ‘Cashback Extras’

Halifax has taken a further step in challenging the current account market by launching a new cashback programme on its leading range of accounts.

Be a savvy banker and reap rewards from switching your current account

Following the announcement of the Current Account Switch Service's launch date of 16 September, two-in-five people believe they will switch their current account as a result, and 11 per cent will do so for the very first time, according to a poll from MoneySuperMarket.

One month to go until launch of the new Current Account Switch Service

The Payments Council has announced the official launch date for the new Current Account Switch Service, designed to make switching current account from one provider to another simpler, reliable and hassle-free.

Halifax £100 switching campaign continues to end of 2013

Halifax has confirmed its market-leading £100 switching initiative, which includes no fees on planned overdrafts for six months, will continue until at least the end of 2013.

42% of consumers more likely to switch current account from September

42% of consumers will be more likely to switch current account when the new Current Account Switch Service is introduced in September, according to research from

One in five “considering switching current account”

Around one in five current account customers are considering investigating new providers, according to research from Consumer Intelligence.

More Brits switching current accounts for ongoing value than upfront offers

Nearly a third of people (31 per cent) who plan to switch bank account in the coming year will do so for the specific benefits of the account such as in-credit interest, SMS alerts or longer branch opening hours, according to research from Santander Current Accounts.