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Zopa lends a quarter of a billion pounds in 12 months

Peer-to-peer lending platform Zopa, has announced it has lent a quarter of a billion pounds (£250m) in 12 months to UK borrowers.

1 in 10 still paying off 2013 Christmas debt

With Christmas now just two months away, research conducted for debt advice and solutions provider Debt Advisory Centre (DAC) has found that one in 10 (10%) adults in the UK are still paying back the debt they built up last Christmas on loans, credit cards or other forms of borrowing.

Payday lenders need to point people towards debt advice

Payday lenders should seize the opportunity to point people they have turned down for a loan towards debt advice says Citizens Advice.

Sainsbury’s Bank launches into larger loans market

One of the most consistently competitive personal loans providers, Sainsbury’s Bank has launched into the larger loans market.

Generation Y turning to high-cost credit

People aged 17 to 24 who are struggling to make ends meet are more likely to turn to risky credit options like a payday lender, than other types of credit.

Quarter of Brits say they have been contacted by people trying to recover outstanding debts

More than one in four people in the UK say that they have been contacted by either an individual or organisation attempting to recover an outstanding payment or debt at some point, according to new research.

More short-term credit options needed to boost competition in payday lending

More choice of short-term credit is key to improving competition, says Citizens Advice as the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) publishes its provisional decision on the payday loan industry.

Two-thirds of Brits think reality TV encourages irresponsible lending

Fictional characters, celebrities and reality TV stars are all helping to encourage people to borrow irresponsibly in order to buy items they cannot really afford, according to the majority of respondents to a recent poll.

M&S Bank offers lowest ever loan rate for a limited period

M&S Bank launches its lowest ever personal loan rate of 3.9 per cent APR (representative) on loans between £7,500 and £15,000.

Halifax reduces rates on Clarity Loan

Halifax has reduced the rates on its Clarity Loan in a move to make borrowing more accessible to its customers.

Fifth of Brits owe money for things they no longer own

A fifth of people in the UK - equivalent to 12.6 million adults across the country - still owe money for something that they no longer own. hands out free ‘money trees’ to encourage Brits to grow their money hands out free ‘money trees’ to encourage Brits to grow their money

Peer-to-peer lending platform,, took to the streets of London this week to hand out cash-laden ‘money trees’ in a bid to encourage Brits to grow their money and safeguard their future.

Debt management firms must raise their game

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) says debt management firms must demonstrate they provide appropriate advice, do not charge unfair fees, and have adequate processes for handling client money when assessments for consumer credit authorisation start next month.

One in six young adults admits their debt has ‘spiralled out of control’

Young people are making money mistakes in their first years of adulthood - which impact their lives for years to come according to the Money Advice Service.

UK’s debt savvy cities revealed in countdown

Birmingham has been named as the most ‘debt savvy’ place in the UK according to a new countdown.