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Business Banking

Want the most successful small business?

Are you interested in being your own boss? First, it’s essential to select a business where you have the most opportunity to thrive and be profitable.

Why your business needs financial business advice

There is no question that the UK is a major national success story when it comes to the track record of its entrepreneurs – not only in terms of starting their businesses in the first place, but also keeping them on the ‘straight and narrow’.

How to increase cashflow for your business

The pandemic has had serious consequences on the operations of businesses in the UK, both short- and long-term. One of the major affected components to businesses whose trade was affected by coronavirus is cashflow, which can have serious ramifications if unchecked and unaddressed.

What economic factors could affect your business?

The aftermath of Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic has many businesses re-evaluating their place in the economy, as industries reel from the specific impacts successive lockdowns and barriers to trade have created.

Choosing the right accounting software for your small business

With so many types of accountancy software available, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. But feeling overwhelmed and confused isn’t a good enough reason to put off streamlining your business processes, which is where this blog comes in.

Why it's important that you keep track of your business

Why it's important that you keep track of your business

If you're the owner of a business, whether big or small, it's important that you keep track of your business finances. Keeping up with your business's financial health can be difficult because oftentimes, no matter how much money you make, there always seems to be expenses that are greater than income.

Things to consider if you want to run a business at home

Starting a business is a common goal for many people, but knowing what to start and how to get going is a challenging and complicated feat for the majority. Besides an original and/or clever idea, an entrepreneur needs to have the available funds to invest, adequate time to commit and a place to start-up.

How to start a manufacturing business

Starting a manufacturing business can be tough, since you may need to purchase expensive equipment and venture into uncharted territory by producing something entirely new. However, with the right approach, you can make your entrepreneurial dreams a reality.

Going green can save your business money - Here's why

Going green can save your business money - Here's why

Does going green equal more money for your business? We think, yes! And, we have plenty of reasons why making your business eco-friendlier is more financially wise. Keep reading below to find out more!

Benefits of hiring business brokers to sell a business

People work hard for years to build a successful business. When the time comes to retire or move into another enterprise, selling the business provides the essential funds.

Benefits of properly tracking your business finances

Benefits of properly tracking your business finances

Business owners know that tracking and managing business finances is an essential task, but oftentimes, this task isn’t done efficiently. While it’s true that managing business finances can be challenging, there are many ways to make this task become a priority and not a dreadful chore.

The top 10 subscription billing platforms of 2020

Looking to replace your subscription platform with something more efficient? We’ve got a list of the best subscription billing platforms around in 2020.

Taking your SME Worlwide

During this turbulent time, many SMEs have taken the time to look at their business strategy and looked for ways to expand. Some have even consider reviewing their offering and take steps to start operating internationally.

Ensuring Business Survival Post Covid-19

Covid-19 has brought worldwide devastation. After being forced into lockdown, businesses have particularly struggled to survive the health and economic crisis.

Small business Britain makes plans to stimulate growth for companies

Small business Britain makes plans to stimulate growth for companies

Around 73% of small businesses in the UK are prepared to experience slower growth this year, according to the British Business Bank.