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Will your business survive the upcoming recession?

A recession is expected both nationally and globally. Amid unclear Brexit deals and wavering outcomes, it is difficult to confidently predict the economic future.

5 reasons why business owners decide to outsource a portion of work to a third-party contractor

Those who understand the principles of efficiency, process optimization and productivity, soon find themselves looking for outside help.

How to develop your leadership skills in 2020

How to develop your leadership skills in 2020

Being a leader isn’t just about bringing the business success or managing a team of people, nor is it about being in charge of your own thoughts and feelings.

Why are side hustles becoming so popular?

Many of us have thought about starting a side hustle. In fact, one fifth of workers in the UK consider the opportunity of having a second job.

4 great ways to fund your LLC

If you’re looking to start a business, there are plenty of legal steps you have to take. After choosing a name, researching your market, and doing thousands of other small projects, you need to be able to fund your business.

Laying the foundations for the ultimate business growth

If you’ve built your company from the ground up, then you’ll know the ins and outs of it, like the back of your hand and therefore you may feel a certainty that the business has become stable.

How to reduce your staff turnover

Hiring new members of staff can be an expensive task. Not only is it time consuming to undergo the recruitment process, but when you bring a new colleague into your business, they need extensive training to make sure they can be the biggest asset possible.

How your business is wasting money without even realizing it

If there’s one thing that businesses are all businesses are passionate about, it’s saving money. Anytime a business can produce the same results, at a faster pace, while spending less, they pounce at the chance like a cat going after a mouse.

How businesses & people stepped up during the Beast from the East

The UK has enjoyed a sweltering summer this year, with a heatwave that stretched on for months and the warmer weather still being present as the nation creeps into autumn.

Lloyds pilot scheme to boost the number of retailers offering cashback

Lloyds Banking Group in partnership with Visa has announced a new pilot scheme designed to boost access to cash, which will see local retailers paid to offer cashback to customers in their stores.

The ultimate guide for new business owners

The ultimate guide for new business owners

Opening a new business can be the start of an exciting adventure. Of course, there are always going to be teething problems when you are getting used to the hustle and bustle of work life, but if you have dreams of becoming a top entrepreneur then you need to think big.

Common issues and obstacles you may run into as an SME

Just like with any goal or dream you have in life when you first set out to start your own SME, it’s normal to look at things in a positive light.

How technology can relieve the pain of running a new business

Gone are the days of businesses shirking away from employing new technologies to facilitate more efficient ways of working. However, this still doesn’t mean that everyone is on board and some companies, especially newly established ones, still lag behind and miss out on the many benefits tech can offer.

What are the main keys to business success?

Starting a business is no mean feat, so it is hardly surprising that around 40% of businesses fail within the first five years.

Key concerns of the UK chemical and pharmaceutical sector

As one of the UK’s top manufacturing exporters, the chemical and pharmaceutical industry adds over £14 billion to the UK economy from sales of £40 billion.