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Investing in bath adaptions to ease later life

For the elderly, normal mobility can become challenging and therefore, it’s beneficial adding elements of accessibility into their homes.

The interior trends worth investing in for the year ahead

With the days getting brighter, if not warmer, our attention naturally turns to the home. With thoughts of spring cleaning, many of us will be making notes on interior too.

Three top tips for selling your home

Do you want to sell your property? Well, it may be easier to do than you expect. Very often, all you need is a home update.

Great ways to cut down on your household waste!

With money getting tighter all the time, and recycling concerns always growing, more and more households are taking the time to really try and cut down on the amount of waste that they produce.

How to spruce up your garden in time for summer

The rise of entertaining at home is apparent in the UK. Therefore, there’s a need to keep your garden space clean and tidy at all times.

How to prioritize when moving into a smaller flat

Moving is rarely fun. But finding your new place can be quite an adventure. When moving from the suburbs into the city center, your bank balance may not stretch exactly the same way it once did.

Top 5 tips for maintaining your windows and improving their lifespan

Top 5 tips for maintaining your windows and improving their lifespan

While modern double glazing comes with the advantage of low-maintenance features, it's important that you do not neglect your aluminium and uPVC windows, as this will help to extend their lifespan.

What inspires you: Where to draw inspiration when decorating your home

When it comes to decorating your home, everyone faces the dilemma of where to start and what particular design style is right for them. Well, there are so many choices and directions that you can go that it can be a little overwhelming!

Replace concrete with these durable surfaces in your kitchen and bathroom

Replace concrete with these durable surfaces in your kitchen and bathroom

Concrete and cement were there as a primary material for bathroom floors and worktops. But as the days are passing by, these materials are going out of trend.

Key steps for building a veranda

You wish to extend your house by building a veranda? This is a beautiful – and complex - project that should be taken seriously; it is the extension of your actual house.

Breathable materials for construction

Construction is an industry full of variables, and managing those variables is often the biggest challenge facing contractors and crews working hard against tight and aggressive deadlines.

3 jobs that you can do from home

If you need more flexibility with your time, then you may want to find a job that you can do at home. Far away from the office 9 to 5, these jobs can help you to regain your freedom and make money from the comfort of your own home.

5 tips for decorating on a budget

We could all do with giving our homes a bit of a makeover now and then. Sometimes, even a small change in our surroundings can make quite a big difference to our overall attitude and outlook.

How to make your home more marketable before giving it to an estate agent to sell

When you’re thinking about putting your home up for sale with an estate agent, it’s not something you should jump right into. When they initially come to view the property, they will form their first impression, which is then hard to change later.

The easiest home improvement hacks you can achieve before the New Year

If you’ve had an exceptionally busy life in recent times, the state of your home may have dipped down in quality. That’s okay, as this is where home improvement can help!