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How to get accommodation in the UK

Trying to find the perfect student accommodation is one of the key responsibilities of student life. You need somewhere you’re going to fit in, feel comfortable, and make friends, and it is important that you make sure you get this right as much as you can.

Home improvement – Do It Yourself or going to a professional?

Home improvement – Do It Yourself or going to a professional?

Home improvements can take many forms which makes planning them quite difficult. Replacing your carpets and installing a new fireplace are both home improvements but each requires a lot of planning and work.

How to tidy up after a party - fast

We’ve all been there, you’ve just awaken from a party the night before and you’re head’s in a daze. You’re trying to remember what happened.

Ready to assemble furniture - the way to go in 2020

Ready to assemble furniture - the way to go in 2020

Over the years we’ve seen a steady rise in the popularity of ready to assemble furniture. Today we are going to take a look at where flat-pack furniture came from and why it’s so well-liked by buyers worldwide.

Preparing the New Year’s Clear-Out: How Much for a Skip?

Whether you’re finishing up your housing projects for 2019, or you’re taking “New Year, new me” to another height with a new look home in 2020, a good clear out can be very therapeutic.

5 smart upgrades you need to make to your home

It seems that the “smart” moniker is being added to just about everything these days. We’ve had smartphones for over a decade now, smart fridges are catching on, and even though the Smart car is a brand, cars themselves are becoming smarter and more efficient with each passing year.

How to create a useful learning space

Whatever your working space is used for, be it university or for a home business, you need to ensure it is working as hard as you are in order to achieve success.

How do countries implement climate control to deal with their weather conditions?

For most people living in warmer countries, life without air conditioning would be a struggle. After experiencing the discomfort brought on by summer heatwaves in Europe, we can appreciate the convenience of smart climate control in the UK.

Renting out your outdoor buildings - what you need to know before opening the doors

It’s no secret that everyone is looking for a way to bring a little more money in. If you’re lucky enough to have the space outside your home, you may already have an outdoor building such as a log cabin or summer house.

Is self-storage a cost-effective option?

Trying to decide whether or not self-storage could be an option for you and your family can be difficult. Some people consider it to be a completely viable option which gives you much more flexibility whilst others think that it is just throwing money away.

A guide on how to spot legitimate identification badges

When you hear a knock at the door that you weren’t expecting, chances are you peek through the spy hole in your door or out the window.

Staying safe when using BBQs: An expert Guide

As the warmer months are upon us, there’s nothing quite like dining under the sun, in the great outdoors. Therefore, there’s no surprise why so many of us, (when the weather is just right) jump to the chance, of bringing out those paddling pools and fire up the BBQ at every opportunity.

Home Safety: 5 important aspects that a homeowner should pay attention to

The safety of a home is one of those things that you never realise is lacking, unless something goes wrong and it’s already too late.

Garden adaptations to increase elderly accessibility

Recent findings from the Office for National Statistics has revealed that Britain officially has an ageing population. By 2039, one in every 12 of us will be aged over 80, and one in three babies born in 2013 are expected to reach 100 years of age.

Investing in bath adaptions to ease later life

For the elderly, normal mobility can become challenging and therefore, it’s beneficial adding elements of accessibility into their homes.