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Broadband speed explained

When you shop for a new deal for broadband the two things that you will look for are price and speed. We all know exactly where we stand on the monthly price, however the speed is a much more contentious issue.

Making it easier to change telecoms provider

Ofcom have proposed a set of measures to make changing broadband and landline providers simpler and more reliable, while protecting consumers from being switched without their knowledge or consent.

Ten million homes can now get the UK’s fastest broadband

Virgin Media, leading broadband provider, has now raced past the ten million homes milestone as it works to make the country’s fastest broadband available across its entire network.

Virgin Media boosts Britain's broadband speeds

Virgin Media has announced it is doubling the speeds of over four million of its broadband customers and will be boosting its top speed to 120Mb, strengthening the company’s position as the fastest broadband provider in the UK.

Broadband gets safer with Virgin Media

Virgin Media has released a major new update of its Virgin Media Security software suite, providing customers with the latest in anti-malware technology to help protect families.

Avoid costly download dramas this Christmas

The Christmas break is weeks away and many Brits will be looking forward to great food, great company and great entertainment over the festive season. Despite the potential for fights to erupt over control of the TV remote or games console, the boom in online services now means that consumers are spoilt for choice in their home entertainment options.

Wireless subscribers drive broadband growth

Demand from new wireless broadband subscribers is driving growth in high-speed Internet in OECD countries but the latest data show a slowdown in fixed subscriptions in the first half of 2011.

Log on for the first time during National Get Online Week

This week is National Get Online Week 2011, and whilst more and more Brits are now switched on to the benefits of a life lived online, there are still millions more who have yet to take their first step into the world wide web.

Removing barriers to switching: Ofcom bans rollover contracts

Ofcom has confirmed that rollover contracts, which tie landline and broadband customers into repeated minimum contract periods unless they opt out, will be banned from December this year.

Ofcom progresses with new wireless technology

Ofcom has progressed plans for the introduction of White Space technology in the UK - the first country in Europe to do so.

Broadband gets faster but advertising continues to mislead

Ofcom has reported that average UK broadband speeds have increased by 10% in the last six months and now stand at 6.8Mb.

Rural homes set to benefit from greater broadband competition

Ofcom announced that BT Wholesale will have to reduce the amount it charges other internet service providers (ISPs) to use its networks, potentially leading to lower costs for consumers.

Virgin Media’s ultrafast 100Mb broadband reaches 25% of the UK

Virgin Media continues to lead the way in the UK’s broadband revolution, announcing that its ultrafast 100Mb service is now available to over a quarter of UK homes.

Europeans prefer all in one 'packages' for internet, phone and TV

Four out of ten Europeans households are buying "bundled" internet, phone and TV services from a single provider, a new Eurobarometer survey shows.

Brits spend 50 hours a week online

Brits are living two days of their week online according to research by independent price comparison and switching service,