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Gas & Electricity

Six in ten consumers will ration energy use to deal with high energy bills this winter

Consumers would rather go without heating than pay for sky-high bills, according to new research from

One in ten gas and electricity customers are currently in arrears

According to new research, one in ten Brits are in arrears with their gas or electricity bills, owing suppliers on average, £239.

“Warm before the storm” for 21 million at energy bill breaking point

As an unseasonably warm autumn gives way to Arctic storms, MoneySuperMarket reveals millions of homes are at energy breaking point – admitting they would struggle to pay their energy bills if they went up.

Big six energy player E.ON hits back with a market-beating new tariff

Big six energy supplier E.ON has hit back at small energy suppliers’ dominance of the best buy table with a market-beating new tariff.

Big six supplier tops energy best buy table for first time this year

E.ON Energy has launched the cheapest energy deal on the market – the first time a big six supplier has topped the best buy tables this year, according to

Competition heats up as energy suppliers battle for top spot

The battle of the energy best buy tables is on, with both small suppliers and the big six cutting prices and launching new tariffs in a bid to claim the top spot, according to, the price comparison and switching service.

End of October brings energy bill hikes of up to £205

On Friday 31 October, 12 fixed energy deals will come to an end, with eight from just one supplier – ScottishPower – due to expire.

Battle heats up between small energy suppliers and big six as temperatures drop

Following months of deals by smaller energy providers undercutting the big six, there are signs of a fight back from the UK’s larger energy companies, according to, the price comparison and switching service.

Energy bills voted most difficult to understand

Consumers have voted energy suppliers as the biggest culprits for sending confusing bills, according to new research from Energy companies come bottom of the table for the third year in a row, with mortgage providers coming top of the class.

The return of rationing: 87% of Brits will be rationing energy this winter

Millions of UK householders are shivering at the thought of how high this winter’s fuel bills could be – with 9 out of 10 saying they will be rationing energy use in some way in an attempt to keep bills down.

An additional £100 million for household energy efficiency

More people will be able to enjoy warmer homes and more control of their energy bills as a result of an additional £100 million announced today for household energy efficiency.

Britain’s secret heaters revealed

Households across Britain are erupting in arguments over the heating, research by MoneySuperMarket has found, with a third of Brits (29 per cent) admitting to arguing with, or being irritated by the people they live with over the thermostat.

Switch your energy tariff now to feel the benefits in chilly November

It’s been a warm summer and a mild September but single digit temperatures are just weeks away. November traditionally sees thermometers dropping below 10 degrees across the UK and even the hardiest of households will be turning their heating up and at the same time wondering how to keep their energy bills down.

Government doubles number of pensioners receiving energy bill discount

An extra 200,000 pensioners will get money off their energy bills this winter, as the Warm Home Discount scheme expands for the fourth year.

M&S Energy bill payers face price hike unless they switch

Commenting on the M&S Fix & Save September 2014 tariff expiring tomorrow, Stephen Murray, energy expert at MoneySuperMarket said: “In August last year one of the cheapest tariffs available was M&S Energy Fix & Save September 2014.