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Car Insurance

Over-sharing information can affect insurance claims

Only 29% of insurance customers think it is fair for insurance companies to use social media posts to check the validity of claims, research from industry experts Consumer Intelligence shows.

Organised gangs drive increase in crash for cash

Crash for cash - road traffic accidents deliberately caused in order to claim whiplash compensation - is now at the highest level ever detected by Aviva, the UK’s largest insurer.

The price of motor insurance continues to fall

The price paid for the average private comprehensive motor insurance policy fell slightly in the third quarter of this year, according to figures by the ABI.

Lost or stolen car keys could cost you dear

Modern car keys are no longer just pieces of stamped metal which unlock doors and start the ignition. They now contain programmed chips which remotely unlock the doors and operate the alarm, immobiliser and ignition.

Up to 16% of people are considering driving their cars abroad over the next 12 months

Up to 16% of people are considering driving their own car abroad in the next 12 months, according to Sainsbury’s Bank car insurance.

Car insurance falls come to an end

The downward plunge in the average quoted car insurance premium ‘bounced off the bottom’ during the third quarter of 2014, according to the latest benchmark AA British Insurance Premium Index.

Aviva reaches milestone in fight against ‘dishonest’ whiplash claims

Aviva has won a significant victory in the fight against dishonest whiplash claims, which saw a low speed whiplash claim not only rejected, but ruled by the court as “fundamentally dishonest”.

Should in-car cameras be compulsory to banish ‘crash for cash’?

One in four motorists (26%) think the UK should take the lead in the fight against so-called ‘crash for cash’ scams by making in-car cameras compulsory, and help to end the reckless criminal culture affecting thousands of motorists.

Car insurance prices shift up a gear

The cost of comprehensive car insurance has risen for the first time in more than three years, according to the latest Car Insurance Price Index in association with Towers Watson.

Britain’s compensation culture putting off genuine claimants

New research reveals a third (32%) of Brits put off claiming for an injury that wasn’t their fault because they don’t want to contribute to the ‘compensation culture’ in the UK today.

CMA finalises changes for car insurance

The CMA has published measures it expects to increase competition in the car insurance market and reduce the cost of premiums for drivers.

Trust surgeons behind the knife, not behind the wheel

MoneySuperMarket analysis of over 11 million car insurance quotes reveals the top ten professions in the UK that make both the fewest, and most, ‘at fault’ claims on their car insurance policies.

Growth in motorists managing their insurance policies online

Junction, BGL Group’s insurance partnerships business, is reporting a significant trend in people taking control of their insurance. One year on since rolling-out Online Self-Service for customers across its partner brands, Junction has seen a huge surge in usage.

Insurance renewal peak season warning as 29% of drivers auto-renew

Millions of motorists could be over-paying to the tune of almost £2 billion a year for their car insurance, simply by allowing their insurer to automatically renew their policy, according to research by

Out with the old, in with the new for cheaper car insurance

Out with the old, in with the new for cheaper car insurance

Youngsters looking to insure their first car may think an older car is the cheapest option but latest figures reveal that a 20 year old car could cost £1,000 more a year to insure than a brand new supermini.