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Conserve energy and save money with a new home

Big Energy Saving Week (w/c October 26) is a great time for householders to review their energy use and ensure they’re getting the best deal, but did you know that a brand new home can be more than twice as efficient as a second hand one?

Five top tips on how to save energy around the house this half term

While many will see half term as a chance to recharge the batteries, it’s more likely going to be filled with them charging their gadgets and parents looking for ways to entertain.

Energy bills set to rise as eight fixed tariffs end in August

Households who don’t shop around could see energy bill rises of up to £136.59 a year, when eight fixed dual fuel tariffs expire at the end of August.

Household energy bills set to rise as five fixed tariffs end in June

Energy prices are set to rise with the temperature, as loyal energy customers brace themselves for an average price rise of £97.55 when five fixed tariffs expire at the end of the month.

Price war breaks out in UK energy market

Energy switchers could benefit from an all-out price war as suppliers E.ON and GB Energy look to tempt in new customers.

Double-digit tariff reductions could help more than a million fuel vulnerable households

Big six energy suppliers could have helped to lift one million households out of fuel vulnerability by making bigger cuts to standard tariffs, according to Fuel vulnerable homes spend more than 10% of their annual income on energy.

14 million households went cold this winter to cope with sky-high energy bills

Over 14 million UK homes have admitted to going cold over the winter due to the sky-high cost of energy, according to new research from

Why everyone’s making the switch

Why everyone’s making the switch

How many of us aren’t satisfied with our energy suppliers? How many of us notice the steadily increasing prices, failure to reward loyalty, poor customer service and unethical business practices – yet fail to do anything about it?

Millions saved in one month as switching energy supplier rockets

More than £38 million was saved by 130,000 households switching energy supplier - in just one month of the ‘Power to Switch’ campaign.

Bill payers beware - fixed energy deals coming to an end

With 31 fixed rate energy tariffs coming to an end before the end of May, hundreds of thousands of homeowners need to take action and switch to avoid being stung by huge bill hikes, warns MoneySuperMarket.

2 million families and pensioners to get money off energy bills

2 million low-income and vulnerable households will get £140 off their energy bills, thanks to the Warm Home Discount scheme.

npower announces cuts to standard annual gas bill of average 5.1%

npower has announced an average 5.1% or £35 average annual reduction to its standard domestic gas tariff.

Government schemes make winter warmer for one million homes

Energy efficiency measures reach one million homes milestone - four months ahead of the March 2015 target.

What are smart meters?

The UK government plans to install a smart meter in every home in Britain over the next six years – yet there is still some confusion about what smart meters are, and how they will actually benefit homeowners.

British Gas customers would be better off saying no to 5% cut

With British Gas announcing a 5% reduction for its 8.6m gas customers, comparison site questions whether it is enough to turn the tide in the energy price wars.