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Make 2017 the year you cut home heating costs - a month by month guide

Make 2017 the year you cut home heating costs - a month by month guide

There seems no doubt that 2017 will see the cost of living go up dramatically; predictions are for inflation to even triple.

Moneysupermarket and Flow Energy launch cheapest energy deal for the next two winters

With energy prices rising by the day, MoneySuperMarket Group and Flow Energy have launched a new market-leading fixed energy deal, which will allow customers to fix their prices for two winters.

UK households waste nearly £1 billion by leaving appliances on standby

With four million UK households living in fuel poverty, new research from Energy has found that items left on standby waste enough energy to heat 5,000 homes per year.

Energy bills set to soar as fixed tariffs end

New insight from MoneySuperMarket, the price comparison site, reveals that with 124 fixed energy deals expiring before the end of the year, potentially hundreds of thousands of customers risk being rolled on to more expensive tariffs during the coldest part of winter, when energy usage is at its highest.

35 million Brits are worried about how they’ll pay their winter heating bill

Over half of the population of the UK, 35 million people, are worried about how they will pay for their heating this winter, according to new research commissioned by Debt Advisory Centre.

Halloween horror as energy bills rise by up to £383 in October

Households could be set for a fright this Halloween when energy bills leap by £122.82 (13.65%) as 14 fixed dual fuel deals expire on 31 October.

More than £1 billion at risk as renters languish on expensive energy deals

UK renters are missing out on savings worth over £1 billion collectively on their energy bills, because they didn’t know they could switch suppliers, had bills included in their rent, failed to discuss the matter with their landlord, or simply weren’t allowed to, according to new analysis from MoneySuperMarket.

Turn the heat down on energy bills this winter

With just four weeks until most people reach for the thermostat and turn their heating on for the winter, new advice from MoneySuperMarket reveals customers can avoid a winter of unnecessarily expensive bills by switching their supplier and saving hundreds of pounds in the process.

British Gas caught out by ‘perfect storm’ in energy market

As British Gas confirm that 400,000 of its customers left to find a new supplier in the first half of the year, new figures from Energy reveal that, in the same period, over 61% of consumers switching energy provider chose a smaller provider, rather than the big six.

Government’s ‘central heating for cities’ scheme to bring energy bills down

£320 million will be invested over the next five years in schemes across the country’s towns and cities to take low carbon heat and supply it to keep homes and businesses warm.

Summer shock as energy bills jump by up to £264.61 in June

Families could be hit with annual energy price rises of up to £264.61 this summer as several fixed dual fuel energy tariffs come to an end on 30 June.

ScottishPower reduces gas prices by 5.4%

ScottishPower has announced a reduction in its standard domestic gas prices by an average of 5.4% effective from 15th March 2016. This reduction will benefit over 1 million customers with the average annual standard gas bill reducing by £32.

E.ON launches cheapest dual fuel energy tariff in Britain

E.ON has made a new version of its one year dual fuel fixed tariff available which is currently the cheapest energy tariff available in Britain.

It’s not the cost of Christmas, it’s the cost of heating their home that’s worrying the over 50s

As temperatures take a noticeable dip many over 50s are taking desperate measures in order to meet the cost of heating their home this winter.

Energy bills could rise by almost £150 as 11 fixed dual fuel tariffs expire in November

Customers who fail to shop around could find themselves £149.48 out of pocket when 11 fixed dual-fuel deals expire at the end of the month.