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Home Insurance

Cost of home insurance falls

The cost of home insurance has fallen over the last year according to the Association of British Insurers (ABI) latest Average Quarterly Household Premium Tracker.

Little movement in home insurance premiums

The average quote for a combined home buildings and contents insurance policy has remained static over the past three months, with just 5p added to the average annual cost of a policy, says the AA’s latest benchmark British Insurance Premium Index.

Nearly half of consumers didn’t switch any of the 10 most popular financial and household utility products in 2014

Loyal consumers could be wasting billions of pounds by sticking with the same financial services and household utilities providers year after year.

Thieves using keys found ‘under the mat’ to burgle homes

Thousands of homeowners are being burgled with their own house keys, as opportunistic thieves use keys hidden under the mat and in other easily accessible places to gain entry.

Beware the ‘theftive’ season

In the run up to Christmas, the ABI is advising people to be careful of thieves looking for easy festive pickings.

Escape of water biggest cause of winter insurance claims

With the cold temperatures set to continue through December, there is a real risk that homeowners could experience water in one or more pipes freezing over the next few weeks – especially if they are planning to leave homes empty for a break during the festive period.

‘Insure’ your presents are wrapped up safe this Christmas

December and January provide rich pickings for burglars. In the weeks either side of Christmas, many homes are full of expensive Christmas gifts, presenting thieves with a golden opportunity.

A third of renters have no home insurance

With both the cost of renting and the number of renters increasing, new research by The Co-operative Insurance reveals a third (33%) of those in rented accommodation don’t have any form of home insurance to protect their contents.

Over-sharing information can affect insurance claims

Only 29% of insurance customers think it is fair for insurance companies to use social media posts to check the validity of claims, research from industry experts Consumer Intelligence shows.

Nationwide extends £50 Amazon voucher offer until end of January 2015

Nationwide is extending its £50 Amazon voucher offering to main current account customers purchasing combined buildings and contents cover until the end of January.

A fifth of people withhold information on home insurance applications

Almost one in five (18%) UK householders has embellished the truth or withheld information when applying for home insurance, according to research by home insurance.

Students urged to study their options for possessions cover

Students heading off to university have been warned to do their homework and make sure their possessions are properly covered before they go.

20 million Brits have been parted with a valuable possession in last five years

It seems that the loss or theft of personal property is not uncommon, with 20 million (40 per cent) Brits admitting to being parted with a valuable possession in the last five years, according to research by Direct Line home insurance.

Students covered for contents

With students preparing for university, many will be thinking about the prized possessions they’ll be taking with them.

Clumsy neighbours cost the nation £5 billion

More than a quarter (26 per cent) of Brits have had their homes damaged by neighbours, running up a collective repair bill of over £5 billion, reveals new research from Direct Line Home Insurance.