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Income Protection

Preparation is the best defence in uncertain times

As the credit crunch continues many consumers may feel there is little they can do to safeguard their home and finances. Cheshire Building Society, however, advises that preparation is the best defence.

BUPA relaunches income protection plan

BUPA’s individual income protection plan is now even more affordable and comprehensive, yet flexible enough to meet individual customer needs.

Protecting your financial needs

Nearly a quarter of people have no idea how they would cope should they lose their regular income, according to research commissioned by the ABI.

LV= improves its award winning income protection

LV= has announced that it is making significant improvements to its award winning income protection product range, to make the product simpler and more attractive to both financial advisers and their clients.

Friends Provident unveils tele-interviewing for income protection

Friends Provident, the income protection market leader, has linked up with MorganAsh to provide a tele-interviewing service to speed up income protection applications and reduce non-disclosure.

Standard Life boosts income protection cover

Standard Life has introduced improvements to its Income Protection Plan, increasing the maximum benefit by £25,000 and removing all plan exclusions, including pregnancy and HIV.

LV= wins Best Income Protection Provider award

LV= has won the Best Income Protection Provider award at the 2007 Investment, Life & Pensions Moneyfacts awards.

Income protection insurance essential for financial health

Income protection insurance (IPI) has an essential role to play in providing financial security, says Defaqto.

Income protection insurance needs a revolution

Provider apathy is the biggest threat to the development of the income protection insurance market and the cause for the current sales slump, leading financial research company Defaqto warns in a new report.

Young homebuyers happy to forgo financial protection

Despite rising interest rates, one in six (15%) young adults (under 35) in the UK would be happy to take on a mortgage of four or more times their annual wage and 30 per cent are clear they would forego financial protection insurance in favour of the largest mortgage they could borrow.

LV= improves income protection rates

LV= has announced improved income protection rates effective from 13th July 2007, with 80% of its Level premium rates reduced by an average of 10.7%, and more than two thirds (69%) of Index-linked rates cut by an average of 6.2%.

LV= makes improvements to income protection cover

LV= has announced it has enhanced its mimi income protection product features by significantly increasing maximum benefits by over 80% to £150,000 and by removing the only remaining standard exclusion across its income protection product range.

Friends Provident removes standard exclusions from Income Protection benefits

Friends Provident, the FTSE 100 life and pensions company, has removed the HIV/AIDS and war exclusions on its Individual and Executive Income Protection products, making it the first UK life assurance firm to ditch all standard exclusions on income protection benefits throughout the range.

Brits lost £31.65 billion through illness and injury

One in three Brits has taken more than a week off work through illness or injury, according to new research from Standard Life. 39% of people confirmed they had suffered a loss of earnings because of this time off work, which equates to a staggering £31.65 billion.