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A brief guide to premises liability claims

Commercial and residential property owners must take every precaution to prevent accidents in or around their property. If they don’t, the property owner is liable for any injuries that result from their failures.

Car insurance price fall slows as lockdown measures ease

Car insurance premiums continued to fall throughout 2020 but that the rate of the decline slowed over Q3, according to research from price comparison, MoneySuperMarket.

Simple steps for buying life insurance online

Simple steps for buying life insurance online

Getting life insurance is one of the easiest ways to ensure that your family and loved ones are taken care of in case something happens to you.

What does “underinsured” mean?

What does “underinsured” mean?

If you operate a motor vehicle in the state of Missouri, you are required to have auto insurance. If you drive without insurance, you could receive a citation if you’re stopped by the police.

Do you need life insurance?

Nobody likes thinking about their own death. But if you have a partner, children or any other relatives that depend on you, you may find that a life insurance policy will help you provide for your family even when you do eventually pass away.

Insurance policies a millennial couple should have

Millennial couples have a lot of time and energy while saving for retirement and paying their loans. However, most of them fail to pay enough attention to the insurance policies that they might need.

11 things to check for when choosing a new insurance plan

Health insurance has been a hot topic for many years. Finding the right plan and being able to afford it has become a challenge for most people, but we all need health insurance to keep our bodies up and running without all the costly bills.

The top 5 reasons to ensure that your business is properly insured

The UK is home to approximately 5.7 million small and medium-sized businesses. Unlike large firms, SMEs are unlikely to have the resources to recover from damaging weather or unforeseen events.

Aiming to reduce your car insurance? Here’s how!

Aiming to reduce your car insurance? Here’s how!

In Britain, it’s reported that there are over one million uninsured drivers on our roads, which in turn increases premiums for those who do insure their vehicles.

5 things taxi insurance will do for you

In the UK, taxi insurance is compulsory for taxi and private hire vehicles. You can’t operate the two with the standard car insurance policy, as it is among the key requirements you need to fulfil when applying for a licence.

Two in five travel insurance policies won’t protect holidaymakers from Flybmi failure

With the collapse of Flybmi over the weekend, independent financial information business Defaqto warns that over two-fifths of travel insurance policies offer no protection for airline failure leaving holidaymakers exposed.

All there is to know about Home Warranty

Are you a homeowner? We all desire to own our dream home. A peaceful haven away from our hectic lives. A home is the ultimate financial investment and source of accomplishment.

Natural disasters in the UK

In the UK, with our climate, we’re not naturally thinking about natural disasters all the time! We take a look here though at how Brits can prepare for, and then recover from, various types of disasters which can all prove very problematic

A guide to choosing car insurance

When it comes to motoring, there are few areas as important as insurance. Motor in-surance is a legal requirement but it could also save you an enormous sum if you were to get involved in some kind of accident. Here is all you need to know about choosing car insurance.

The mistake of not looking into critical illness insurance until it’s too late

It seems like there’s always one extra thing to think about with regards to your job and future financial security in today’s world, and no matter how hard you might try to cover all your bases, something will always slip past.