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The problem of obesity: cats and dogs

Our pets are our world. Just like we reward our children with treats and toys, it’s very easy for us to show our affection by slipping an extra scoop of food into our dogs and cats bowl or giving them a few more treats.

The cost of fame: entertainers and sportspeople pay highest car insurance premiums

New data from has revealed how the cost of a year’s car insurance could increase by nearly double, based solely on a chosen career path, with entertainers and sportspeople topping a new league table for the highest costs.

Motorists urged to drive safely abroad this summer as car insurer sees huge rise in claims

British motorists who drive their cars abroad are being urged take care, as Admiral reveals the number of overseas insurance claims it has dealt with has risen 160% in the last five years.

Over 50s on staycation risk being left out of pocket

Research by Saga Travel Insurance has revealed that 350,000 over 50s have travelled without insurance in the last 5 years.

Failure to take cover at festivals could leave you out of pocket

With this year’s festival season now upon us, Halifax Insurance is offering some tips to festival goers who may be risking hundreds of pounds worth of gadgets and valuables if they don’t have the right cover.

More than half of parents consider ‘fronting’ to reduce children’s car insurance premiums

New research from Car Insurance has found that more than half (54%) of parents of young drivers have ‘fronted’, or would consider ‘fronting’, a car insurance policy for their children in order to get them lower car insurance premiums.

Majority of consumers underestimate the percentage of protection claims paid

Every year protection providers publish claims data to explain the number of claims they have paid out to customers.

Best in show – insurers pay out a record £706m in pet claims

Pet insurers paid out a record £706 million in pet insurance claims in 2016 – the equivalent of £1.8 million every day - to help the UK’s pet owners cope with the unexpected costs of owning their pet, such as vet’s bills, according to figures published during National Pet Month by the Association of British Insurers (ABI).

The pain in Spain comes mainly from the claims

New analysis from Direct Line Travel Insurance reveals that of the 600,000 plus travel insurance claims made by British holidaymakers last year, almost a quarter (150,000) were claims for holidays in Spain.

Co-op Young Driver Insurance has rewarded policyholders over £11.8m since it launched in 2011

Since it launched in 2011, Co-op Insurance has given back over £11.8m to its Young Driver policyholders for driving well over the average policy lifetime.

Six million mums in UK financially vulnerable

Amidst the cards, flowers and chocolates, financial security may be the last thing on people’s minds this Mother’s Day.

Women can’t rely on their employer to provide financial safety net

Nearly half (48%) of working women in the UK don’t have any form of protection policy in place according to the findings of Aegon’s ‘Protection Matters’ report.

Insurance company says no? How to challenge a car insurance write off

The Financial Ombudsman regularly deals with complaints from people who believe that their insurer has not properly valued their car after it has been damaged to the extent that its insurer decides it is a ‘write-off’ and uneconomical to repair.

‘Paws for thought’: Avoid SAD pets this winter

With winter firmly set in, the tail-wagging companionship of a loyal dog or addictive purr of a feline friend is just the ticket to lighten the mood, making those dark cold nights all the more bearable.

Car premiums jump £35 over three months

Quotes for car insurance jumped by 5.8% over the last quarter of 2016 according to the AA’s latest benchmark British Insurance Premium Index.